Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh my, oh my, oh Oregon!

Has it really been since March since I last posted? Wow, what a slacker am I? Oh well, it just goes to show what a crazy life I lead, Momming my two kids and husband through Spring Break and end of school year events! We travel... alot! And for Spring Break we hit New York City... which I will discuss later (if I ever blog again!) For our first trip of the Summer, we went to San Francisco and Oregon. My camera stopped working after San Fran put a hex on it, so I will post photos from my phone for now. Although, I do have some great video Ike made on the Alcatraz tour... I'll get it up, but it may be August before that happens!

Okay - Oregon!
We had a great time travelling with my extended family - my Team Porter plus my Mom and Dad and Team Greer, my sister and her 3 boys and husband. We all met up with "Grandma Wyoming who lives in Oregon and whose name is Georgia" ... we ended up shortening that to "Gramma George". Georgia lives in Medford, which is about an hour north of the California border. Beautiful country here - rivers and mountains abound! We headed north to Grants Pass to meet with aunt/cousin type folks. There, Uncle Steve let all the kids make paperweights in the Glass Forge where he works. All 5 kids thought it was pretty cool to play with hot lava. We day tripped to Crater Lake - a mountain lake, blue as the bluest sea, and completely still and reflective, caused by a volcanic collapse, long long ago. Went on a hike below this mountain and had a great relaxing time. Zooey and Jon (and 80% of Team Greer) went river rafting down the Rogue River, which they found extremely fun and exciting. I visited a Flagship Harry & David Store and drooled plenty. We also overnighted in Bandon, OR, a sea side village where huge rocks make the ocean really loud! There, Zooey and I rode horseback on the beach - something I'd always wanted to do! Then we drove south down the 101 and saw amazing scenery as we headed back to San Francisco for the night before flying home.

A wonderful family getaway! Here are a few photos (hopefully more to come):

My tree huggers at a Redwood Forest stop.

Ike and Zooey with Babe the Blue Ox.

The Greer boys and Zooey get ready to ride horses on the beach.

The kids at Crater Lake - notice the completely still lake and the reflection.

I had to get in a shot of Ike's t-shirt... funny!

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