Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Journal Assignment - Oct. 25, 1983

My favorite comic strip character is Opus the penguin from Bloom County. He is so smart and cute. His dreams are; to be Vice President of the United States; to fly in the space shuttle; and to be in the next Star Wars movie. His hobbies include snake hunting and putting together rock music festivals. I like him because he is sort of an idol for me. He is a dreamer and a fighter. He hates Mondays and tightly fitted schedules. He is almost just like me. Except, I'd never go snake hunting.

Dearest 13-year-old Nisa - OMG! You totally grow up and MARRY Opus the Penguin!!! Seriously!!! How were you so wise? Hey, question - if you could see the future at age 13, why didn't you do more cool stuff - like say help invent the Windows Platform or maybe get in on the ground floor of Mac? Oh well... anyway - how awesome for you to actually have loved Opus from a young age, and be married to him now! He is the best husband and daddy in the universe (hands down) - oh, and he is so fine!